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Stone Lawn Care is your one-stop shop for all of your year-round needs. From weekly lawn maintenance and annual aerations, to insect control and snow removal, we help our residential and commercial clients in the Twin Cities and the surrounding communities.

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Making A Beautifully Manicured Property A Reality in the Twin Cities

At Stone Lawn Care, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We want to ensure you're getting the best service possible and to exceed your expectations. We won't lock you into a contract, instead, we'll work to earn your trust. Contact us to get a free quote on any of our services today!

We service the following communities in Minnesota: Rogers, St. Michael, Albertville, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Otsego, and Minneapolis.


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Everything you need to have a good looking property all year

A lawn mower being pushed for weekly lawn mowing in Rogers, Minnesota

Weekly Lawn Care

The average American spends 4 hours per week caring for their lawn. Make your neighbors jealous of your lawn and take back your weekends this season! We will mow your lawn the same day every week (weather permitting) to ensure your lawn looks it’s best.

  • Weekly mowing

  • Clear away lawn clippings

  • Give sidewalks and driveways clean edges

A file of leaves for spring and fall cleanup in St. Michael

Spring & Fall Cleanup

No amount is too big for us! Fall cleanup will ensure your lawn is ready to go for the winter season and will give your lawn a head start for spring. In the spring, leaves and other organic matter can attract pests. Removing dead leaves means curbing the threat of these pests in your landscape and prevents damage to your yard.

  • Remove leaves & debris

  • Weed pulling & bed clean outs

  • One final cut

Pushing a aerator for aeration and overseeding in Albertville, Minnesota

Core Aeration & Overseeding

The holes created by aeration allow grass seed to achieve better soil contact, improving the results of overseeing. Together these techniques can help you get back to the thick, green, lush lawn you've always wanted.

  • Lawn aeration

  • Overseeding

  • Dethatching

Pushing a spreading for fertilization and weed control in Maple Grove

Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilization will bolster your lawn month after month. Weeds are an inevitable part of owning a property, but that doesn't mean you have to let them take over your landscape beds.

  • Begin in the spring to catch weeds before they emerge from the soil

  • Create a protective barrier in the soil that stops weed growth

Spraying trees for insect control in Plymouth

Insect Control

There’s more to maintaining your lawn than mowing and fertilization. There are a wide-range of insects and other pests that make their home in lawns and gardens. If left untreated, they can do serious damage to your lawn.

  • Some insects destroy your lawn

  • Some insects carry disease

  • Some pests are invasive

A snow plow used for snow and ice removal in the twin cities

Snow & Ice Removal

Give yourself the peace-of-mind knowing your property is taken care of during the unpredictable winter months.

  • Sidewalks & porches

  • Driveways

  • Ice management with salt


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Dan Stone, owner and operator of Stone Lawn Care


A commitment to excellent customer service & quality work

Dan Stone created Stone Lawn Care out of a passion for customer service and a commitment to provide affordable, quality lawn care. We want our customers to enjoy their lawns and are committed to listening to our customers’ needs.

Reach out to request a free quote or to ask any questions. We look forward to working with you!

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